Real Estate

Your land is one of your most valuable assets, and property law is one of the most complex areas of the law. Protect your investments by consulting with one of our experienced attorneys before a purchase or sale to help you file the legally necessary paperwork and perform all necessary due diligence. If you are involved in a dispute about real property, we can help you negotiate a resolution and file a court action if negotiations fail.

Timber Contracts

Timber contracts can be a win-win for landowners and loggers but they must be carefully structured to avoid disputes including over cutting, the location of boundary lines, and deceptive pricing. Successfully bringing a breach of contract claim may require conducting a site survey, acquiring land records, and obtaining mill slips.

Land Disputes

Land disputes can range from a misplaced fence to a dispute over an access road to a house built on the wrong property. It’s important to take fast action to protect your rights before the statute of limitations expires.

Title Examinations

Title examinations are vital to ensuring that the seller of a piece of land has clean, undisputed title and that there are no unknown easements or encumbrances.


A notice of foreclosure is not necessarily final. Possible defenses include incorrect legal process, no standing to bring the loan because it was sold to another party, a delay for a short sale, and more.

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