Loan Closings

You may be used to finalizing a loan in 60 seconds or less online or in an hour at your local bank. While this might be true for car loans, personal loans, and credit cards, home loans involve far greater sums of money, and the paperwork and verification procedures are substantially more involved to protect all parties to the transaction. Because of this, Georgia law requires an attorney to be present for most real estate loan closings. In addition to the standard paperwork and due diligence, we can assist with the following special circumstances and more.


Because of the large sums of money involved in the closing process, you can’t just write a check. If your mortgage company won’t be paying for the home directly, you may need a certified check or wire transfer. By state law, attorney’s fees in excess of $5,000 must also be paid by wire transfer.


Closing a foreclosure purchase is very similar to the standard closing process with one extra note. A tenant of a foreclosed property who has a lease is entitled to at least 90 days notice that they must move out. We can help you prepare the proper notice, negotiate a lease extension, or take over the remaining terms of an existing lease as you desire.

If you’re looking for a Wilkinson County attorney who can assist you through the loan closing process, contact the law firm of Boone, Scott & Boone today.